Summertime At Home

Admittedly my summertime is mostly focused on completing research for my Master’s thesis (pain in the butt that it is!), but there are plenty of moments that make the season pop and shows off the best of what I’ve missed about home in Tennessee! Between hopping around town to the top hiking spots, plenty of summer drinks on a restaurant patio, and spending time catching up with friends, it makes the research not seem so daunting… Now if only my summer in Tennessee lasted longer than six weeks.

Clingman’s Dome offers the best views ❤️

But enough of the research! There are too many other happy things that happen in Tennessee.

By far one of my favorite things about being home during summer is the hiking. I may not love the humidity that comes with the southeast, but it is worth the sweat and a few sore muscles for these views! Clingman’s Dome is absolutely a must do when you have the chance, but taking a little side adventure to some other trails are just as fun (and much less of a sharp incline, you stare down that mountain side).

The path to Andrew’s Bald is filled with mysterious stone steps

Of course these hikes HAVE to start early to avoid crowds and the heat, so a bundle of sweatshirts, travel mugs full of coffee, and load of power bars are highly necessary! Throw in a partner in crime and you’re good to go! In my case, I dragged along newbie Tennessean Hannah for the first of the summer hikes 🙂

But summer is of course not just for the great outdoors!

Passionfruit Mojitos have me at hello

It’s also a perfect time to get yo drink on.

Especially with fruity cocktails.

All the fruity cocktails.

I have a thing for fruity drinks. I may never NOT have a thing for fruity drinks. I’ve accepted that part of me.

Maybe a little too much according to my wallet.

But I digress.

Hannah has had to put up with my summer love of sitting on restaurant patios with a fruity drink these two summers of our friendship. To be fair, this is something that my graduate friends have also had to put up with (and encourage since they enjoy the same), we just haven’t had the weather for it in New England! Gotta soak it all up while I can…

List this under reason 35 I’m happy to spend some time at home this summer.


As much as I’ve come to love the little coffee shops and bars in New England, the brunch you can find downtown and perusing the farmer’s market in Market Square will always be a top notch Saturday morning to me. Running into old friends and making conversation with the always friendly locals is something you just can’t find anywhere else 🙂

Between friends, family, and the good ol’ places I love to visit in East Tennessee, I can’t wait to fill this next month with more adventures!


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