Puppies, Coffee, And Perfect Weather

Even though I know that the next several days are going to be burning hot and horrendously humid, the last few days of chilling around the UTK campus have been beautiful and breezy! You could not ask for better lunch break weather 🙂 The ever lovely Hannah and I popped outside between her classes and on my research break to soak up some sun and enjoy the last bit of cool breeze with our lunches this week.

Sadly we don’t have any nearby places for iced coffee, smoothies, or even just juices to cool down with. Instead, it’s a hike to the nearest Starbucks and our little research group has to pay close attention to run out in between afternoon storms and blazing sun. There’s only so much you can bring from home for the day… Blergh.

I’ll just have to keep up the hydration with good ol’ water instead – thank goodness for apps that remind you to stop and take a drink every once and awhile or I’d completely forget once I get into data collection mode in the lab! (Thanks My Water, you’re a fab free app.) Though to be fair, I wouldn’t get any data collection done without at least one cup of coffee before I worry over anything else. Never has my wallet been so happy I have free access to a coffee machine at home.

But when you have to spend monies on caffeine, The Golden Roast had the BEST recommendations for cold brew concoctions! Chocolate cold brew with a pump of peppermint syrup… mmmm York Patty flavor.

But the best part so far this week… the cutest little nine week old Beagle puppy was talking his owner for a walk around campus during our afternoon coffee run. He was the tiniest little guy with a constantly wagging tail, and boy does he love people and giving puppy kisses! A big shout out to his momma for letting us stressed out grad students pet baby Beagle Milo!

Don’t worry, I made sure to give extra loves to the puppy at home at the end of the day ❤

The house pup enjoys her throne

Sadly the lovely weather and breaks can’t last, and this girl will be indoors in the air conditioning editing thesis chapters, photos, and charts for the rest of the evenings this week after research hours. Maybe I’ll be rewarded with a trip to the movies this weekend if timing works out right… Fingers crossed!


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